Differences between medical center and hospital or polyclinic in Russia

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Differences between medical center and hospital or polyclinic in Russia

Diferences between medical center and hospital or polyclinic in Russia

The wealth of any state is its population. People create the state and are the source, the engine of its development and prosperity. But in order to actively act, a person must be healthy.

Therefore, one of the most important functions of the state is to maintain the health of its population. Such support is provided through the health system.

A polyclinic is a medical institution intended for outpatient admissions of patients, as well as for home care. Each clinic serves a specific population, providing the so-called primary care.

Hospital is a medical facility that provides patients with in-patient care. As a rule, patients are admitted to the hospital from the clinic, and in emergency cases they are brought by an ambulance.

Clinic is a medical institution closely connected with other areas of medicine. Both clinics and hospitals can be specialized and multidisciplinary.

Polyclinic or medical center — Where is it better to contact

The main advantage of the clinic is the comfort of the initial treatment. Such medical facilities serve the population on a territorial basis and are located in places of convenient transport interchanges.

Medical center has the following advantages over the clinic:

  • High-quality equipments;
  • The best doctors;
  • A complex approach;
  • Impressive Results;
  • Priority Patient Interests;
  • Quality and safety.
  • No matter what they say about the quality of services, trust in a doctor and other factors, the price of a medical service still remains a fundamental criterion for choosing a certain medical center. All other things being equal, the patient will always go where treatment is cheaper.


    Medical care in Russia is free for all residents through the compulsory state medical insurance program. Because of this, many foreigners in Russia choose private medical care, which is widely available in many areas.

    Motivation of the people to contact the medical center:

  • online consultation with a doctor without leaving home;
  • access to the best medical technology;
  • special financial conditions;
  • the best international doctors team;
  • free call;
  • make an appointment with the doctor easily.
  • Among many advantages, it is especially important that the Medical center use the latest generation equipment from leading world manufacturers, a convenient work schedule and an individual approach to each patient.


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